Unpaid Taxes: Federal or IRS Tax Problem Relief by Tax Professionals

Thanks to TaxDebtAid.com I was able to setup an IRS Payment Plan that was reasonable, affordable, and practical.

The IRS was levying my bank account because I moved addresses and missed their letters telling me I owed them $10,000 from a side business. TaxDebtAid.com got me in the hands of the right professionals that stopped the garnishment quickly.

I was able to settle with the IRS for literally 60% less than I owed. Thank you!

Where Should You Start With Unpaid Taxes and Tax Debt?


Tax debt or back taxes are a pretty common issue facing many Americans and their businesses. If tax liabilities are not addressed more problems usually arise (Levy, Liens, bankruptcy etc). Begin by using the left side bar to identify your main tax problem. With many financial issues, sometimes with enough work you can tackle the problem yourself and we provide you with info so you can get a better understanding. However, with many common tax issues seeking advice and knowing your options is the first step and highly recommended. Call us for help. The consultation will help your understand your options. Tax debt experts will give you recommendations and you can decide if you want help after your first free consultation. We bring you experts (CPAs, Attorneys, Former-IRS Agents) who can help with Internal Revenue Service penalties including Wage Garnishment, Wage Levies, Bank Levies, Tax Liens, and Unfiled Tax Returns providing you with tax debt help you can trust. Tax Debt Reduction and Settlement are outcomes with our staff.

Find Your Tax Problem Below or Use Left Blue Side Bar

Federal and State Tax Wage Garnishment or Wage Levy

Tax Wage Garnishment is one way in which the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) or State Tax Collection Agency attempts to recover back taxes you owe by garnishing your salary or wages. They do this by notifying your employer. A levy is the more general subject matter (discussed below). The (IRS) can garnish a significant part of your paycheck. The IRS or State Collection Agency can garnish your wages without a court order. Federal law states that a consumer can exempt up to 75% of disposable weekly earnings or 30 times the minimum wage which is currently $5.85 (whichever is greater). In other words, the government cannot take more than 25% of your weekly after-tax income or 30 times the minimum wage. State tax collectors can also garnish your wages. Each state has different laws with wage garnishment but typically it can result in 25% of your net income being garnished. If you believe that the amount you are left with is insufficient for basic necessities like food & shelter please contact us for a Wage Garnishment Release. We can help you eliminate or reduce your unpaid tax balance potentially!


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